We Are Highly Experienced Timber Frame Fabricators

Sauter Timber specializes as timber frame fabricators and provides heavy timber and mass timber components for builders worldwide. We provide wood components for use in commercial and residential structures, providing precision cut components for specialty-built homes. Our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art Hundegger Robot Drive component and joinery milling machine, sets our wood fabrication apart. We can save our customers time, labor and money on-site. Our CNC technology allows us to fabricate jobs of all sizes and all complexities.

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The Total Solution for All of Your Precision CNC and Joinery Needs

Timber frame structures are part of our living history. The unique joinery is one of the most defining elements of this type of structure–mortises and tenons that are then secured with wooden pegs. Sauter Timber carries on this tradition. When your construction project calls for heavy timber components, look to our team to execute your unique project from design to on-site delivery. With over 20-years of experience with precision CNC and joinery, our design team will provide you with a detailed estimate and a 3D project drawing. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. We cut our timber frames using a state-of-the-art Hundegger Robot Drive milling machine in perfect combination with the artisanal skills of our master carpenters.

Timber Frame Kits

Our precision timber cutting services can apply to any number of custom hand-crafted timber frames that meet your design specification criteria. We manufacture timber frame components for residential and commercial uses. This includes but is not limited to: decorative and structural trusses, decorative heads, precut trusses, wooden staircases, hybrid home components, log home components. We also provide mass timber CNC cutting services for the commercial and residential construction industry including Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and glulam. Learn more about all of our services and let’s get to work today!

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Are you ready to get to work?

Let Sauter Timber support your next project by fabricating high quality, precision cut wood components to specification. We’ll fabricate all of your time-intensive timber frame cuts and joinery in a timely fashion. We work from your design and develop custom plans via our specialized 3D design software that outputs all instructions to our CNC Hundegger machine. We then number and label all components for quick assembly, package it all up and ship it directly to your construction site. Source your own timber or take advantage of our ability to source materials at competitive prices for you. We serve all areas of the U.S. and also deliver projects all over the world.

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