America’s First Joinery Service

In the 1990’s, Sauter Timber began by importing U.S. log and timber frame home kits into Europe. A short time later, we realized that having every piece of timber notched, cut, drilled and numbered with a milling machine saved time and money during the construction process. These types of services were typical throughout Europe but nearly nonexistent in North America. After researching the market and determining the demand, we established Sauter Timber, LLC in 2002 in Rockwood, Tennessee. Thus, we became the first wood component joinery service in North America. Little did we realize that our actions at the time would fuel a “precut revolution”.

Today, more and more companies continue to find the cost and labor efficiencies from outsourcing their precision cutting and joinery projects to specialists like Sauter Timber. These businesses simply cannot justify having an in-house CNC machine and the specialists to run it. Sauter Timber acts as your full-service fabricator for all of your timber frame and heavy timber components. Utilizing Hundegger technology, and combined with our highly skilled designers and master carpenters, even the smallest details are seen through to perfection.

Expansion of Facility and Timber Frame and Joinery Services

In 2010, we expanded our services to include fabrication of complete Precision Precut conventional framing packages, as well as timber/conventional hybrid home packages. Then, in 2014, we expanded our production facility by adding on a 17,000 square foot building made of a glulam frame and CLT panels. Since that time, we have been providing CNC services with our new Hundegger Robot Drive for mass timber products including CLT and glulam.

*We won a Commercial Design Award – Industrial  from WoodWorks in 2015 for our Production Facility



Sauter Timber operates out of a 17,000 square foot production facility, located on three acres in the Roane County Industrial Park in Rockwood, Tennessee.


Sauter Timber currently uses a Hundegger ROBOT-Drive machine. This is 6 axis CNC machine with a 17 tool changer.  

Reinhard Sauter is the President of Sauter Timber

Also known as the boss, I came from Germany 17 years ago and started Sauter Timber with the vision to bring the idea of precut log home components and timber frames to the United States. When I’m not on the phone or replying to emails I enjoy being outside when the humidity is low. I still travel to Germany regularly to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations happening in the wood business.

Reinhard Sauter is the President of Sauter Timber


When growing up, Sauter Timber was always part of my life. Beginning with the days I would take scrap wood to build my next masterpiece. Throughout my childhood I spent many hours after school and entire summers out in the shop. After completing my Masters fall of 2019 I started working full time at Sauter Timber.  

Wendy (Stormy) Gunter takes care of the money, shipping and the all the boys in the plant..


I have been with the company since 2005 with plans of staying long enough to retire. My usual day involves taking care of money, shipping, and all my boys outside. Being the only female isn’t always easy. Before Sauter Timber I’ve had 16 years of prior experience.
Klaus Hofmann is a certified trade master and construction engineer
I joined Sauter Timber in 2007, right after graduating in Munich, Germany. I am a certified trade master for heavy timber framing, and a construction engineer. When I’m not working you can find me hiking our local Smoky Mountains, or canoeing down a river in the middle of Canada.
These are the Hundegger Robot Guys, Cleveland Carr, Mark Sommer and Sven


If you call our office, you will be lucky enough to talk with one of us! 

These are the Hundegger Robot Guys, Cleveland Carr, Mark Sommer and Sven

Cleveland Carr: As a fourth generation woodworker, I’m happiest covered in shaving and sawdust. I’m fortunate that I am able to do what I love for a living. I practice my love of traditional building methods while adding state-of-the-art technology, all while working with visionary and tenacious leadership, as well as good, wholesome human beings. It’s win, win, win.

My name is Mark Sommer. After I graduated High School I was searching for a job, but I found a career instead. For the last four years I’ve been working with wood, not only as a career, but also as a hobby. I’m extremely proud to say I enjoy what I do here at Sauter Timber.

Daniel, Felix, Brent and Steve are the skilled wood finishers and draftsmen

My name is Daniel. I have been in finish woodworking most of my life and love the smell of wood. I also enjoy fishing and playing with my grandkids.

My name is Felix Wolfenstetter. In the summer of 2017 I finished my education in Munich, Germany and am now a certified trade master for heavy timber framing and a construction engineer. After I was finished with my education I started working at Sauter Timber. In my free time I enjoy mountaineering.

Hi, my name is Brent, but around the shop they call me “Wilson”. While at work I work at the end of machine doing hand work.

My name is Steve Gonzalez, before I came to Sauter Timber I built houses and did remodeling. I came here seven years ago, and enjoy the challenge of big beams and putting out a good product. I enjoy sports, mostly racing and football and learned to play golf two years ago, because at 61 no one wants to play sports so I can golf by myself. I like working with this company because they are perfectionists, and that is me.