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Heart Pine Timber Frame for Timber Frame Connection

We had the opportunity to pre-fabricate a frame for Timber Frame Connection. This project was very special because the timber was all reclaimed Longleaf Heart Pine. We recieved an entire truckload of reclaimed timbers that had all been specified to a specific part of the new frame. A portion of the delivered timbers had to be planed and glued together to make pieces big enough to fabricate the large braces. The pictures below show the gluing process. 


For each brace, a 6″x10″ and 6″x4″ timber were glued together. Resulting in one 6″x14″ timber.

The 6″x14″ hard pine timbers were 8′ long for the shorter braces, and 14′ long for the big braces. 

Fabrication could begin once all timbers were planned and glued to the necessary sizes. The entire timber frame was pre-fabricated on our Hundegger Robot-Drive to ensure a precise and accurate fit for all timber connections. Some timbers could be resawn before the fabrication of the timber frame connections. All timbers got their final rough sawn look after all CNC work was complete. Below, pictures of a few finished components can be seen.   

The project was then ready to be carefully packaged after CNC fabrication of all components was complete.

Sauter Timber Embarks on Exciting CLT Project

We had the opportunity to work on a project that focused on a new type of CLT that incorporates hardwood instead of softwood, this project was the first to use HCLT in the United States. This project brought together all the different architectural pieces in such a perfect way that it won not only the Jury Prize but also the Popular choice award for Best Architectural Temporary Structure in the world for the Architizer A+ awards 2018. Click here for the full article on Architizer website.

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Bridge Crane Now Operational

Last week we were able to use our new bridge crane to load two 40 foot span trusses onto a trailer. Watch the video to see the crane in action!

CLT Boathouse in Gastonia

Last year we had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects. A CLT Boathouse and Chapel at the YMCA in Gastonia, NC was just one of those. Be sure to check our website for other great projects we completed in 2017.

Pitzl Power Clamp

We got them ..

The Pitzl Power Clamp is an amazing lifting device. What in the world is that… ?

On girders, rafters, posts or anything else, lifted by a crane, we set on a non visible location a drilling. On site you stick the clamp in, release it and that’s it. Load capacity up to 2200 lbs per clamp!


Now available for use on timber frame, the Pitzl Power Clamp II offers the latest innovation in timber construction. Easy and effective.

* Major time savings  * No other lifting gear needed  * No damage of wood surface  * No soiling  * Drilling are calculated for the right balance  * no spreader bar needed

Ask us for this option for  your next project .

We Now Support Cadwork

We are happy to announce that Sauter Timber can now accept all your cadwork files. Of course, we also have the machine interface for our Hundegger Robot. Feel free to send us your next project as a cadwork file.

We will see you on May 3rd in Charlotte North Carolina at the cadwork user meeting!

New Year, New Forklift

We are all happy to get our 5000 kg Baumann Sideloader. This new forklift is ready to load as many trucks as the new year brings.

All About CLT at the Masstimber 2016

Thank you to all those who visited us at the mass timber show. We hope everyone got a chance to see our new show booth. If you didn’t make it to the show, here is a picture!  For all new in CLT here is a nice article