CNC Timber Frame Cuts & Joinery Services

Our real service to our customers is Time. We perform all of your time-intensive timber frame cuts and complex joinery utilizing our CNC machinery, therefore eliminating days of on-site construction and the hassle of miscuts and wasted materials. Our skilled craftsmen and draftsmen give attention to every detail, working out exactly the best joinery to make your project strong, secure and beautiful. 

Most of our clients send us the timbers and materials, and we take it from there, producing the cuts and joinery for their projects. Others however, use our specialized timber purchasing service and have us order the timbers and deliver the precision precut packages directly to their job sites. The choice is ultimately yours. 

large wood component featuring specific wood joinery options


Our specialized 3D design software outputs all instructions to our CNC Hundegger Robot Drive machine for flawless cuts and joints – every time.


All wood components are cut using our state-of-the-art Hundegger Robot Drive CNC machine (with a tolerance of 1/16”) and are numbered for quick assembly.


Take advantage of our extensive supplier network with competitive pricing. We can source white and yellow pine, oak, cypress, Douglas fir, cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glulam.


Sauter Timber offers highly accurate quotes based on both quantity and the complexity of the joinery elements. Check out our Estimate Guidelines


Sauter Timber offers a wide range of precision CNC machine timber fabrication services for:

Simple Production Process

We make it easy to submit your joinery and timber frame fabrication projects to Sauter Timber. Here’s how:

  • Designs are accepted in hand-drawn or CAD format
  • Preferred formats: DWG (AutoCad); SAT (CadWork acis): Sketchup (Google); Common 3DS files; IFC; all others please ask
  • Your drawing will be converted to match our software and the design will be created to your specifications
  • The design draft and price quote will be submitted for your approval
  • Changes or questions will be addressed as needed
  • Sauter Timber provides you with a complete set of ready-to-use drawings
  • A third-party engineer may also be provided, as needed
  • Upon final engineering approval, you can order your timber and have it shipped directly to us or allow Sauter Timber to order timber on your behalf
  • Our customized order list and optimizing technology ensures you get the most out of your timber order
  • Charges occur by combination of bdf and joinery. 2-hours design time is allowed for each 1,000 bdf which typically covers most projects.
  • Any overages will be discussed in advance

There’s no project too big or too small. Let’s get started today!


Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross Laminated Timber (or CLT) is the next wave of commercial construction in the U.S. and represents the perfect solution for all types of smaller commercial and industrial projects. Not only is it quick and easy with its ready to assemble preparation, but it’s also good for the environment with its reduced carbon footprint and energy savings.


  • Earthquake resistant
  • Lighter than concrete
  • Thinner than concrete
  • Cost competitive with both concrete and steel
  • Reduced construction time

Log Home Components

Our Precision Precut Rafter and Beam Packages come ready to assemble with no specialized skills, and are labeled and bundled together quickly and easily without measuring or cutting. As a result, a typical Precision Precut Roof Package can be assembled and installed in as little as a day or two – instead of a week. 

Pitzl Lifting Clamp

Now available for use on timber frame components, the Pitzl PowerClamp II offers the latest innovation in timber construction. Easy and effective – drill, apply, lift!

* Major time savings * No other lifting gear needed * No damage of wood surface * No soiling * High security: release only tension free

Timber Frame Components

We can cut your Timber Frames – residential or commercial; local, national or overseas; imperial or metric. It doesn’t, however, have to be an entire house or building. We can do the small jobs too, like spiral stairs, gazebos, gable accents, and even mantles. Sometimes one stunning feature—an entrance truss or intricate timber stairway—is all you need to accent a house or building. 


  • Decorative and structural timber frame work
  • Decorative heads
  • Precut trusses
  • Ready to assemble
  • Frames with mortise and teneon, wooden dowels


  • All mortise and tenon with woodpegs and screws
  • Precut and ready for assembling

Hybrid Home Components

Want to incorporate heavy timber architecture in a conventionally framed home? We’ll help you design, engineer, and source the materials you need to achieve exactly the look and feel you want. Our Precision Precut Package will be delivered to your site for quick and easy assembly by any crew without the need for specialized skills.

If you’d like to have an experienced hand to support with your assembly, we have Master Carpenters with years of timber frame experience to give you the assistance and oversight you need.


  • Dovetails on pre-cut rafters
  • Ready to raise the roof easy and quick
  • Stick frame walls are precut and labeled
  • Each wall is bundled and ready for the nail gun
  • Bottom and top plates are notched